Recensione sul “The Stormer”

It was like a light in the dark, a sound in the silence of the years…

What we are talking about?

We are dealing with Alfred Rosenberg and his masterpiece, The Myth of the XX century.

Eighty years are passed before that in Italy was possible to read the entire work. We want to remember to the readers that the “Myth” was composed of three books and that until now was published in Italy only the first one (that means like read only the introduction of a book!). Although a lot of people – historians, writers, and academics – had talked about Rosenberg and his thoughts, they never read the book (if it was happened, was just thanks a deep knowledge of the original language). The Rosenberg’s thought found just in the Myth the high expression, so that he was often called “the philosopher of the Nationalsocialism”.

Well, after eighty years, thanks to “Ritter” (an important book shop and cultural association), it was possible to perform an official presentation of the first and complete edition of the Myth, published by “Editrice Thule Italia”. To talk about this work was called Maurizio Rossi and Luca Leonello Rimbotti, two of the deepest connoisseurs of the Nationalsocialism. It was a success. All the seats were occupied and a lot of people were up to follow the one-hour and half of conference.

During that it was make clear above all that Rosenberg wasn’t – instead of the current vulgate – a biologist racist but a man that was able to join the spiritual aspects – typical of the German Romanticism – with the practical ones.

It’s impossible to say more about such important book, useful for understand the Nationalsocialism; we can only suggest to see the video of the presentation and if you’re interested – and you have a little knowledge of Italian – buy the book.

The video can we watched on the following YouTube link:

The web site of Ritter is:

The web site of Editrice Thule Italia is:

Marco Linguardo


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